• Ellie May Marshall

It's Census Time!

Circus - a place full of magic and wonder. A place that draws us into stories and shows of beautiful worlds orchestrated by sparkling high-flying aerialists and daredevil acrobats. A place where people are brought together whose hearts and souls are touched by artistic expression and joy - forming a community that shares the love for the diverse art form that is Circus Arts.

Aotearoa encompasses one of the most beautiful circus communities that creates a wonderful eclectic mix of misfits, both professional and recreational! We celebrate the splendid array of talent, skill sets, studios, teachers, performers and more across the board - hiding in every nook and cranny throughout our charming little country.

After the new additions to the steering committee joined last year we began writing some strategic documents to formalise ANZCA’s commitment to the industry. We stalled the development of these, realising we needed to know more about what the people in our circus want from their industry and from an association.

Research of this nature is relatively new for the international circus community so ANZCA has been in contact with researchers in Europe who have recently undertaken circus censuses of their own to better understand how their circus communities train, perform and create. Drawing on inspiration from their work and collaborating with them, we have created a circus census for New Zealand to help us get a snapshot look at the circus practitioners in our industry. This information will better allow us to stand together as a community and support our growth moving forward.

In short, a ‘Census’ is a way of systematically gathering data about the members of a given population. It can help to determine where parts of the community may need support, but also to create a synergy between the different regions in Aotearoa, strengthening us as an industry overall.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” - Aristotle

ANZCA and our amazing people throughout the communities in Aotearoa are going to help us spread the word about our census, drawing out the old dogs and the fresh new faces to contribute to the cause throughout the month of April 2019 and will be actively asking everyone in all corners of our industry and communities to fill out the census once it goes live on our SurveyGizmo page.

We will also be posting regular updates on our social media platforms and website to further explain the multitude of reasons, and introduce our Regional Ringleaders, Ambassadors and industry leaders who are at the forefront of our nationwide movement to grow and connect our community and professional industry.

We can’t wait to shine a spotlight over Aotearoa and celebrate all of the incredible people we are so lucky to have in our community.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!!

UPDATE: Here is the link!!! Welcome to the first info gathering of Aotearoa's circus communities!!!…/4929…/2019-ANZCA-Circus-Census