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New Plans for Auckland's Dust Palace

New Plans for Auckland's Dust Palace

The Big Dream

A new venture for Auckland Circus! The Dust Palace is moving into a new and larger premises and is working to share the space to make an integrated Auckland circus centre.

The Inspiration

Last year Eve went to Melbourne as part of ANZCA's research into Australian Health and Safety systems, and there she met with Jamie Lewis from Theatre Network Australia. The conversation moved to sustainability of the company structure, and it was noted that in Australia, companies with company spaces are no longer being formed with hierarchical linear model. Instead, in keeping with the movement towards co-working spaces and resource sharing, multiple groups are sharing the load and all gaining from it as a result. We want to open up this possibility to the Auckland circus and wider performance community. In this model we as The Dust Palace are facilitating the creation of this new space, but we will not be the sole occupant, and to achieve this dream we are selling shares in The Dust Palace!

The Journey so far

The Dust Palace journey has been that of a small business, and this small business has been particularly reliant on a single person. However, the issue is one of sustainability, as a small business relying on a single person is not viable in the long term. Burnout, fatigue and general administration falling through the gaps is inevitable, and more often than not this sole owner/director does not make much profit. If they are lucky they can create a break even model which means they can provide themselves a living, however it seems to be the case that most small circus facilities are carried on the shoulders of individuals who trade their time and energy to make those facilities viable.

The Plan A viable facility is survivable to a point, but in order to be able to grow and employ administration staff to properly run a space you need to create more profit. However, more profit can only be created from being in a larger space with more students, and this is impossible to set up without more profit creation. This very paradox sees many small businesses plateau because they can’t grow beyond the initial model reliant on a single person. Our plan is to rise above the plateau by teaming more with the community. Finding like-minded creative/fitness businesses to share a larger facility with, and also through selling a portion of the Dust Palace to people who like circus, ie. people like yourselves! This a way of both raising equity for this shift and by having more peopleliterally invested in a Circus space.

The Future

Through growing a larger student body, our dream is to have proper employed administrators at all levels so the facility is not only viable, but sustainable and ongoing. We forsee a space which has different performance and fitness groups teaching and rehearsing there, as well as nurturing a supportive, creative atmosphere to build circus in Auckland and Aotearoa New Zealand as a whole. This shareholder campaign runs from September 1st until September 29th, and we will be moving into the new space in January 2019.

For more details and / or to be part of it : email