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ANZCA Committee update

ANZCA Committee update November 2017

  • We wrote a draft ‘scope of circus in Aotearoa’ to define who it is we are representing and who we are not representing, which we will put forward to our members once it is ready for feedback.

  • We’ve been working with an insurance broker to find the best insurance package for independent circus artists in NZ.

  • Jo Stott and Eve Gordon obtained approval from Creative NZ for a reconnaissance trip to Melbourne where they met with industry leaders there about their Health and Safety systems and legislation, as well as key circus figures on how the circus sector in Australia functions as well as first-hand feedback of ACAPTA’s services for their circus industry.

  • A mentoring program is being developed with nearly a dozen mentors on board already.

  • We've started planning for the next 6 months, the next year and beyond.

Chairperson’s Report by Eve Gordon (Nov 2017):

We have a lot of exciting developments here at ANZCA!

Creative New Zealand approved our funding application to send Jo Stott and myself to Melbourne to meet with the industry leaders there for circus, rigging, and health & safety. A full report will be made available later, however here are some of our key insights from our trip:

  • We spent two full days and met with: Heads of OH&S at NICA and Circus Oz, one of the key players in TNA (Theatre Network Australia - who have taken on ACAPTA's role), and rigger Tiny Good who delivers that rigging ticket you'd have seen floating around in NZ among others.

  • It was an extremely informative few days! Many of the people we met communicated with feel that there is little to no guidance, that our industry is still growing and that we're at the edge of a paradigm shift for the whole sector.

  • It feels exceptionally timely that ANZCA has formed and it is clear that we're on the right path to helping our circus culture thrive and be safe, which will ultimately produce amazing people and art.

  • It became abundantly clear that a peak body like ANZCA needs to be super clear on its focus and not to overstretch it's resources. It is very clear that collectively we need to up our H&S game and it also seems like ANZCA's current strategies are pretty valid.