To add weight to and take advantage of our pooled resources. Our combined voice will build recognition and representation for our members. 

The more members the organisation has, the more clout we have with local and national government.

We want to generate more funding, more exposure and more support for circus arts around Aotearoa.

What are the benefits of joining ANZCA?

As Circus grows in popularity as both a professional service and a community activity, there is a pressing need for:

  • Standards for contracts - for example guaranteed 10 minute break per 1 hr roving - teaching qualifications - Health & Safety templates for professional artists and circus schools.


  • A unified body to participate in regulatory processes with local and central government - to communicate community needs and to interpret government regulations back to the community.


  • Community engagement - professionals and community groups can feel isolated - members receive facebook / newsletter updates from around the country about events, workshops, artists and community training centers.


  • Artists / group insurance - negotiating a collective agreement for public liability and personal injury insurance in NZ.


  • Raising the profile of circus in Aotearoa to build sustainability
    in our practice.

  • Marketing for your events and your school.

To Join ANZCA and be part of this amazing Association that is bringing the circus community together,  read the instructions and click on the button to fill up your details. 


ANZCA membership is annual

$35 for an individual (voting)

$100 for an organisation (3 votes)


Welcome on board!

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Tūhono mai inaianei

Quinn Vale of The Dust Palace performs Handbalance-Contortion at The Dust Palace School Show "Wake" (2014). Photographer: Peter Jennings